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Graphic Designer

ABC Hosting

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Desde 02/01/2020 hasta 01/02/2020


ABC Hosting Ltd is a company offering hosting services in several languages aimed at regions like Ukraine, Venezuela, Uganda, Nigeria, Poland and United Arab Emirates. We’re currently expanding our services to other countries around the world. Recently, we decided to introduce a new cryptocurrency project creating a new way to gain profit from websites traffic. We don't have physical offices, therefore we're only offering remote positions.

We are looking for a skillful Graphic Designer with an eye for clean and artful digital designs. High interface design skills are a must.
Your job will be related to creating the design and layout graphics for our websites. It implies working on new websites and updating already existing ones.
What will your duties be?
Create digital designs for our websites. Produce sample graphics
Demonstrate and receive feedback about mock drafts for our sites
Stay up-to-date with technological and graphic design software developments
Develop skills and expertise in appropriate software programming languages such as Wordpress, HTML and Javascript (optional). Create products that are user-friendly, effective and appealing. Digital retouching and image editing.


Applicants must: have good communication skills. Demonstrate graphic design skills with a strong portfolio. Be up-to-date with the latest Web trends, techniques and technologies. Be experienced in this position. Proof sufficient english proficiency (B1-B2). Be self-reliant as this is a remote job.


The chance to be part of an international team.
A competitive salary. A cozy and friendly environment (we have a good sense of humor and good attitude to do our work).
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Cód. Oferta: 1165793

Datos Adicionales

Disponibilidad: Inmediata
Contrato: Permanente
Estudios: Diseño Gráfico
Género: Indistinto
Edad: Indistinta
Postulados: 15
Vacantes: 5

Área Profesional


Datos Salariales


Superior a 1.500.000,00 BsS.


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