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ABC Hosting, solicita:


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Técnico Superior



Fecha de publicación:   01/10/2018
Fecha de culminación:   31/10/2018
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ABC Hosting Ltd. is a company that offers hosting services in several languages aimed at regions such as Ukraine, Venezuela, Uganda, Nigeria, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. We are currently expanding our services to other countries around the world. Recently, we decided to present a new cryptocurrency project that creates a new way to profit from website traffic. We do not have physical offices, therefore, we only offer remote positions. This is a remote job with a full-time schedule. Add new features and improve existing ones in the user control panel of our hosting. Participate in the development of our new cryptocurrency project. Cowork with our systems administrator and the testers department. Track your work in Redmine and use Git as VCS.


PHP 7 (we use PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.1). Knowledge and practical usage of OOP and its basic principles (awareness of GRASP, SOLID and design patterns is a plus). Experience with at least one MVP framework is very desirable (we use Symfony 4 Flex). Basic MySQL knowledge (understanding DBMS(es) deeply and ability to optimize its performance is a plus). Ability to work with PHP's PDO lib (or at least mysqli). Experience with Doctrine is a plus. Basic JavaScript skills (knowledge of jQuery and Vue.js is a plus). Experience with some VCS (preferably Git) is strongly desired. Ability to write codes that are clean and understable, following consistent code styles. Proactiveness is desired. English Upper Level - sufficient skills for written communication Optional skills: Experience in integrating 3rd party or internal services (via AJAX, JSON-RPC or maybe SOAP) SASS and Bootstrap skills Experience with PHPUnit testing framework (It’s not limitative, but you will have to learn it) Being familiar with Linux (Bash) console shell and have experience with SSH connections Ability to write simple Python / Bash scripts Knowledge of phpBB CI, CD platforms (Gitlab). 


Salary according to skills and experience
Friendly multicultural work environment
The chance to further develop your IT knowledge
Salary increases and bonuses depending on your performance and the outcome of your projects.

We use Redmine for project management and Rocket.Chat+ for everyday communication.

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