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Remote aws big data engineer

Scopic Software

Bogota, Chile
Desde 23/01/2020 hasta 22/02/2020


Scopic Software is seeking a Remote AWS Big Data Engineer to join our team of 250 professionals across 40 countries. The successful applicant will work with a powerhouse team to develop an innovative big data application. Advising on the design of system architecture. Configuring AWS EMR to ensure optimal performance of jobs written in JAVA. Optimizing Apache Hadoop and Spark for performance. Maintaining Hadoop clusters. Troubleshooting Apache Spark running on multi node clusters and distributed data processing framework. 


5 years of professional DevOps experience. Significant experience with Apache Spark streaming and batch framework. Experience managing large scale data streaming pipelines with Hadoop. Experience in system architecture design. Knowledge of service oriented architecture and data standards (e.g. JSON). Exceptional time management skills. Intermediate level spoken and written English. Bachelors degree or higher, Masters degree preferred.


Flexible working hours, set your own schedule. Freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world. Ability to work wherever you are most comfortable (home, office, park, café, etc.). Reliable, consistent workload. Flexible payment options in $US, salaried and hourly positions available. Annual pay increases for good performance. Paid training and other professional growth opportunities. International travel opportunities (not required). Interesting, challenging projects using the latest technologies. Compensation: depending on skills and experience. 
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