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Cognitive English, solicita:

English Coach

Our Story We're a company that's revolutionizing the way English is taught and learned where training your English is no different than training for the big game. We view speaking English as a performance like any other: playing in a soccer game, acting on stage, performing a triple-bypass surgery. They all happen in real time and reacting in the moment requires high-intensity training of the most important skills again and again until they're second nature. And none of this happens without the best most talented people and project managers out there - CE's English Coaches. Our CE Training System provides the optimal environment and opportunity for talented unexperienced potential managers, coaching them to invent winning strategies, engage with and inspire students, and master techniques skills so they can be executed the right way at the right time. What's more is that our Coaches have found that English Coaching at CE is a direct pipeline into a long-term career at CE in areas such as HR, Operations, Sales, Marketing, and User Design. We see your ability to execute a strategy to lead a disparate team of people to ambitious English results as proof that you can do the same within the organization. Our Code We are passionate about high performance learning and we practice what we preach – investing time in our own teaching methodology. We believe that everyone has untapped potential within them and it takes a disruptive approach to unleash it. We dream big and don’t settle for the status quo. We sweat the details. We never accept less than 110% to help each other deliver the Cognitive English experience and enable our students to get great results. We are obsessed with what’s new, what’s now, what’s next. Never following, always leading, living ahead of the moment in culture and consumer behavior. We aren’t just a company; we’re a community vested in each other’s success. We value humility and a team approach at every level of the company. If you are a high performing individual who is passionate about winning and inspiring others then we are excited to discuss career opportunities with you. Job Description Cognitive English is seeking an English Coach for our location in Santiago (Las Condes). Job Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: • Lead English Training sessions for any of our plans (private or group classes) • Pitch, create, and refine Coaching processes which will improve the way our Coaches lead our students • Train people and project management skills on an everyday basis • Remote work where possible Qualifications The successful candidate must have the following experience, skills and education: • Proven leadership ability in a professional, team oriented or educational setting • Demonstrated ability to drive sales • Enthusiastic, energetic, personable and friendly as well as passionate, intelligent and knowledgeable regarding the relevant literature on performance, behavior, mindset, and the general science of “getting better every day”. • Excellent communication, time management, organizational and follow-up skills • If you are foreign you must have all relevant valid documents.

Santiago (Chile) Publicado el 01 de Octubre